Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the most common questions from across our community!

What Types Of Content Here?

This website allows upload content of Story, Short Story, Lifestyle, Health & fitness and more.

How Long Get Support?

As long as this website is alive you will continue to receive support!

This Website Have a Guest Post?

YES! If you want, you can also participate, you are allowed to share your views, share the important moment of your life with people all over the world.

There Copyright Content Allow?

NO, You do not have permission to upload any copyrighted material here, you must write your own history, otherwise you will be declared content.

What Language To Writing?

This website allows you to write only Bangla language.

How Soon Will Be Published Articles?

Our community will review your article and if your content is unique then your content will be published within 24 hours.